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1. What is Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)?

ITS Intelligent Transportation Systems stands for systems, which encompass vast collection of various technologies (telecommunications, informatics, sensor and control technologies) and management techniques applied to transportation to make our lives safer, increase road capacity and reduce the environmental impact of transportation

2. Intelligent Transportation Systems – what are the benefits?

Intelligent Transportation Systems have an enormous impact on our daily life. They are giving us reliable, real time information about situation on roads (accidents, traffic congestions, bad weather conditions), which help us to arrive to home earlier. ITS solutions also make possible to travel more secure and more comfortable, check up to date timetable, decrease air pollution and fuel consumption.

3. Who is ITS Polska?

ITS Polska is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to promoting a partnership between transport professionals, decision makers, research/academic institutions and the industry. ITS Polska is a reliable source of information about what Intelligent Transportation Systems can offer in order to increase an economical, safety and environmental benefits.

4. What are the objectives of ITS Polska?
  • ITS Poland is the platform through which ITS stakeholders can achieve their goals and work together on ITS-based solutions to real-world transportation challenge
  • Formation and development vision of the future demand in the field of ITS services to meet Polish transportation requirements and take into consideration compatibility with other ITS European Systems.
  • Promotion the awerness of, and benefits of ITS
  • Describe and promote the appropriate solutions and standards suggested by both academic and industry experts
  • Encourage all people involved or interested in use of ITS solutions to take steps to make our roads more safer, environment more greener and travel faster and more comfortable.


5. How ITS Polska realize its aims?
  • Cooperation with local governments and public administration
  • Initiation and promotion of ITS solution.
  • Providing a forum for information interchange between dirrerent stakeholders in the ITS Secton and related overseas organisations.
  • Ensure that ITS delivers efficiency, safety and enviromental benfits to society.
6. What are the benefits from became a member of ITS Polska Association?
  • From 1 to 10 representatives from your organization will be included in ITS Polska online Members Directory.
  • From 1 to 10 representatives from your organization will be included on ITS Polska e-mail distribution list, used to ensure members are kept aprised of the latest ITS Polska news..
  • From 1 to 10 copies will be provided of any publications distributed via hard copy to members
  • From one to an unlimited number of representatives from your organization can enjoy discount rates at ITS Polska events..
  • From 1 to 10 ballots will be provided for voting in ITS Polska elections.
  • Recognition at events: “Proud Member of ITS Canada” branding.
  • Recognition will be provided in ITS Polska online Members Directory (up to one page corporate profile that highlights you products, services, abilities, and accomplishments).
  • Your organization name, logo, and website link will be included on ITS Polska online Members Listing, available to all who visit ITS Polska website.
  • Your organization is welcome to post ITS-related employment opportunities (up to 250 words each) on ITS Polska website at a charge of 200 zł plus GST. The offer will be seen for one month.
  • Your organization will be provided „first right of refusal ”of sponsorship and booth space opportunities as ITS Polska events (only Sustaining Corporate Membership)
7. How can I join ITS Polska?

If you are interested in membership, you need to fill an entrance declaration (there are four types of declaration,
go to offer), read the statute of the Association and then You can pay the Membership fee to this account:
Bank Zachodni WBK, 3 Oddział w Warszawie, 76 1090 1043 0000 0001 0777 1527

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