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Results of the 8th edition of the LIDER ITS 2017 competition

The jury selected the best entries submitted to the LIDER ITS 2017 competition. The award ceremony took place on the first day of the 10th Polish ITS Congress. This year's competition was held under the honorary auspices of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Construction, the National Road Safety Council, the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways, the General Inspectorate for Road Transport, the EU Transport Projects Centre and the Polish Chamber of Commerce for Roads.

This year's 2017 edition is the eight LIDER ITS 2017 competition. As every year, the submitted works were evaluated before the start of the Congress. The Jury: Prof. Wojciech Suchorzewski – chairman, Prof. Jerzy Mikulski, Dr. Eng. Tomasz Kamiński, Dr. Eng. Marek Litwin, Dr. Eng. Jacek Oskarbski, MsC. Marek Rolla and Piotr Krukowski, MA selected the winners and those receiving commendation in subject categories.

Below is a list of the winners of this year's competition:

Best product-device implemented by ITS companies:
Lider 2017:
APM PRO Sp. Z O.O./University of Bielsko Biała/Synchrogop Sp. J.

The jury awarded the LIDER ITS 2017 statuette for ITS didactic and research practice to the University of Bielsko-Biała.

Commendation: Sprint S.A.
for the delivery and installation of ITS under a state-funded programme “Upgrade and development of an integrated mass-transit transport system in Olsztyn”.

Best research and scientific work:
Lider 2017:
Paweł Gora, MA

for work entitled: “Approximation of computer traffic simulation results using neural networks.”

Best graduate diploma thesis:
Lider 2017:
MSc. Aleksander Jan Dębski

The jury awarded a LIDER ITS 2017 statuette to Mr Aleksander Dębski for his diploma thesis entitled: “Concept of using V2I to improve traffic in a coordinated traffic light sequence.”

The LIDER ITS 2017 award gala was held during the 10th Polish Intelligent Transport System Congress 2017 (www.pkits.pl) on 16 May 2017 in Warsaw.

Source: www.przeglad-its.pl
Competition organiser:
ITS POLSKA, publisher of the portal www.Przegląd-ITS.pl
e-mail: pmodelewska@przeglad-its.pl
tel.: +48 22 630 99 07

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