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Summary of the training seminar
"Code of Good Practice – Implementing Intelligent Transport Systems and their Elements"
9 June 2016, Lublin

ITS POLSKA and ITS POLSKA Branch in Lublin would like to thank the participants of the training seminar called Code of Good Practice – Implementing Intelligent Transport Systems and their Elements which took place on 9 June 2016 in Lublin. More than 70 people (officials from central and local authorities, including municipal authorities, road managers and representatives of the sector of services, organizations, schools, research institutions and press) attended the seminar.

The seminar was co-organized by the ITS Architecture and Standardization Committee (KASI – Komitet ds. Architektury i Standaryzacji). The honorary patronage was granted by: Marshall of the Lubelskie province and the President of the City of Lublin. Technical partners were: APM PRO, IKOM, Kapsch Telematic Services, MSR TRAFFIC, Neurosoft, Siemens, Sprint, Star ITS, Trax elektronik. The media support was given by: www.przeglad-its.pl, www.edroga.pl and www.BRD24.pl.

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The seminar participants could find out about the most recent trends in streamlining the traffic and transport thanks to the modern global successes in the area of ITS technologies and regulations. Moreover, the seminar touched upon the confrontation between the theory of technological and legal regulations and the actual situation on the roads in Lublin, on the regional level and in the entire country. For smaller towns, the seminar discussed the role of "small traffic management systems", like information on mass communications, basic solutions in traffic management systems – linear coordination. The seminar allowed local government officials, corporate ITS practitioners and road transport scientists to share ideas about the planned innovative regional development based on the model of quadruple helix.

The seminar was divided into three panels, each ending with a discussion during which the participants could ask the speakers their questions. During the meetings, top officials from companies and institutions could gain up-to-date information related to the Code of Good Practice in city and non-city systems, the manners of the ITS implementation, the preparatory process of the ITS implementation and legal environment for achieving objectives of the ITS and personal data protection in the ITS. Moreover, the speakers presented the ITS systems and their results in cities like Lublin, Poznań, Łódź and Tri-City. The participants could also learn about certain technologies in the area of traffic control, vehicle detection and management of traffic light management, as well as the issue of radio-communications in intelligent transport.

The seminar was attended by officials of the General Directorate of National Roads and Motorways – Ziemowit Cyndrowski and Krzysztof Modelewski, who presented the National Access Point, an effective communications tool in traffic system. This project is yet another step in the implementation of the National Traffic Management System.

One element of the seminar was a pilot form of the training combined with the diagnostics- and survey-based method, which takes into account mainly the educational aspect by comparing the theoretical technological and legal solutions with the actual, real status of the implemented systems.

The final speech was delivered by Tomarz Kamiński, President of the ITS POLSKA Association, who thanked everyone for their attendance and active participation and encouraged everyone to take parts in the activities of the ITS Architecture and Standardization Committee (KASI – Komitet ds. Architektury i Standaryzacji), affiliated with the ITS POLSKA Association.

The speakers included (in the chronological order): Tomasz Kamiński (ITS POLSKA), Krzysztof Modelewski (GDDKiA), Mariusz Kołkowski (SPRINT), Daniel Kasprzycki (APM PRO), Przemysław Staśkowiak (Kapsch Telematic Services), Aneta Moreton (Neurolex), Janusz Wróbel (Neurosoft), Krzysztof Witoń (Siemens), Martyna Abnedrot (Star ITS), Paweł Magryta (Lublin University of Technology), Tomasz Folwarski (MSR Traffic), Wiesław Graczyk (iKOM) and Jacek Jarkowski (the Association of Polish Electricians).

Motions from the seminar by the Motion Committee:
1. The next edition of the Code of Good Practice should include the analysis of costs and benefits of using the ITS – the author meant that the ITS not only shortens travel time, but has other benefits, too, and we should talk about that.
2. The next edition of the Code of Good Practice should include examples of non-price criteria of bid assessments, expanding on this issue.

The Programme Committee of the seminar:
•    Prof. dr inż. Wojciech Suchorzewski – Warsaw University of Technology
•    Prof. dr hab. inż. Ryszard Krystek – Road Transport Institute
•    Prof. dr hab. Wiesław Piekarski – University of Life Sciences in Lublin
•    Prof. dr hab. inż. Mirosław Wnedeker – Lublin University of Technology
•    Prof. UE dr hab. inż. Jerzy Mikulski – Polish Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunications, Warsaw
•    Prof. nzw.  dr hab. inż. Mariusz Olszewski – Warsaw University of Technology
•    Prof. nzw. dr hab. inż. Mirosław Siergiejczyk – Warsaw University of Technology
•    Dr hab. inż. Jan Kukiełka, prof. nadzw. University of Economics and Innovation in Lublin
•    Dr hab. inż. Marcin Ślęzak – Road Transport Institute
•    Dr inż. M. Litwin – Intelligent Transport Systems Association ITS POLSKA
•    Dr inż. Maciej Kowal – Lublin University of Technology
•    Dr inż. Józef Stokłosa – University of Economics and Innovation in Lublin
•    Dr inż. T. Kamiński – Road Transport Institute

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