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Breakfast Meeting for the members of ITS POLSKA
Guest of Honour: Włodzimierz Lewandowski, President of Central Measurement Office
11 October 2016, Warsaw

ITS POLSKA would like to thank for the participation in the breakfast meeting, which was attended by Mr Włodzimierz Lewandowski, President of Central Measurement Office. The meeting was held on 11th October 2016 (Tuesday) at 09:30-11:30 am, at Concept 13 Restaurant (ul. Bracka 9) in Warsaw.

In the meeting, highest-level representatives of companies and institutions as well as individuals associated under ITS POLSKA had the opportunity to talk, ask questions, clarify doubts and submit postulates regarding the verification of instruments which had not received an approval, bringing closer to reality the requirements for measuring instruments, the application of instruments which currently are not under the supervision of Central Measurement Office (CMO), legal status of instruments which do not comply with requirements but have been verified, and harmonisation of the position of CMO and the trade society in terms of the requirements for vehicle identification and the need to include in type approvals all possible equipment which can be combined with the instrument.
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