The First SmartCity Lab in Poland, Located in the Lublin Region

Mar 2023 27

Lenovo Poland, Hikvision Poland, PTV Group, Smart Factor, A-STER, and MSR Traffic have expressed interest in collaborating with the inaugural SmartCity Lab in Poland. In this collaborative effort, spanning the public, scientific, and business sectors, innovative technologies, including intelligent transport solutions, will be developed. The project is spearheaded by ITS POLSKA, with Chełm selected as the project site and the local State Academy of Applied Sciences chosen as the scientific partner.

SmartCity Lab marks the pioneering initiative for the advancement of new technologies in Poland. Beyond intelligent transport systems, it will encompass a wide range of projects within the realm of smart cities. The laboratory will be situated within the newly constructed Chełm Economic Activity Center, with the entire city of Chełm serving as the designated testing and production environment.

“The SmartCity Lab extends an invitation to all research and development centers, companies, and the public sector to collaborate with us,” says Dr. Eng. Marek Litwin, President of ITS Polska and the project’s initiator. “Our vision entails simultaneous participation from all three sectors in each project.”

Collaboration within SmartCity Lab presents an opportunity for startups to operate within a unique implementation environment and for other cities to trial innovative solutions.

“I am pleased and deeply appreciate that Chełm has become a partner and host of such a valuable economic initiative,” notes Mayor Jakub Banaszek. “I believe that the projects conducted in the laboratory will contribute to the development of a modern labor market, particularly for young and innovative individuals and companies. They will undoubtedly also elevate our city’s profile as a hub for innovative projects.”

Dr. Beata Fałda, Vice-Rector for Student Affairs at PANS in Chełm, highlights the SmartCity Lab project as an engaging means to involve students in the implementation of technological innovations. The practical experience gained by students during project implementation will undoubtedly serve as significant added value as they enter the job market.

“The laboratory can provide excellent conditions for companies to test and tailor new solutions to the real needs of both local and central administrations,” adds Dr. Eng. Ewa Wolniewicz-Warska, an expert from the Association of Polish Counties on transport and new technologies. “Moreover, this process, through collaboration with research centers, will adhere to reliable research methodologies.”

“SmartCity Lab presents a compelling proposition for all stakeholders,” says Tomasz Turczynowicz, President of the Management Board of Smart Factor. “With the support of science and local government, the business sector will have the opportunity to showcase its capabilities and co-create new solutions beneficial for the city. It will serve as a testing ground for all solutions and enable Smart Factor to leverage spatial data more extensively.”

The project will be inaugurated by the conference “SmartCity Lab: Public Sector, Science, and Business for the Development of Technological Innovation in Poland,” scheduled for March 17 at the Academic Center for Cross-Border Cooperation of the State Academy of Applied Sciences in Chełm. The conference is organized by ITS Polska and PANS in Chełm, under the honorary patronage of the Mayor of Chełm.

Chełm, March 17, 2023

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