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The birth of KASI – Architecture and Intelligent Transport Systems Standarization Committee

Architecture and Intelligent Transport Systems Standarization Committee (KASI for short) was constituted – collegial organ of continuous character has begun its work by the ITS POLAND Association's Board. Dr Tomasz Kamiński was named the Committee's chairman – he is the director of Transport Management and Telematics Centre in the Automobile Transport Institute. Committee has constituted formally on 22nd May 2014 through resolution no. 1 of Association's Board.

KASI was created as a result of cooperation of member companies and institutions working in ITS POLAND association. The main goal of the Committee is to cause establishment and compliance with the standards on the Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) market in Poland. KASI will be a platform of knowledge and experience exchange between the participants of this dynamically developing market. As part of its activity the Committee will coordinate standarizing operations and cooperate with institutions conducting research and certification of devices and software.

„This very valuable initiative is pleasing especially because it is an answer to often signalized by the representatives of public sector need for dialogue with entrepreneurs, in particular regarding rules and standards for implementing ITS solutions withholding to PzP rules. KASI is also the first committee in our association. The fact of its establishment brings ITS POLAND into a new phase of organization's operations. I wish to declare full support for KASI Committee” – said Marek Litwin – chairman of ITS POLAND association.

The Committee's operation, based on transfer of knowledge aggregated in companies, scientific institutions and individual participants will be aided by the knowledge, authority and above all - pen - of:: prof. Wojciech Suchorzewski (ITS Polish Congress Program Committee Chairman) and prof. Ryszard Krystek (undersecretary of state in Ministry of Infrastructure 2004-2005). KASI is open to active cooperation of other association's members.

The idea of ITS Architecture and Intelligent Transport Systems Standarization Committee was conceived as a result of meetings held by ITS POLAND Association in the first quarter of 2014. The initiators were:
•    Automobile Transport Institute;
•    Kapsch Trafficom  Sp. z o.o.;
•    SAS Institute Polska;
•    Siemens Sp. z o.o.;
•    Sprint S.A.;
•    Neurosoft Sp. z o.o.;
•    Vitronic A.G.;
•    3M.

KASI's statutory purposes are (among others):
•    Conducting open dialogue between business and administration;
•    Initiating, judging and consulting standarization documents;
•    Improving quality of ITS solutions through promoting high quality standards regarding users requirements;              
•    Educating market participants in standarization issues.

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