SmartCity Lab is a non-governmental organization (NGO) lab

SmartCity Lab is a non-governmental organization (NGO) that is 100% owned by the ITS Polska Association, making it an independent entity within the NGO sector. This ownership structure distinguishes our institution as unique in the country. The primary goal of the laboratory is to foster social benefits, such as improving the country’s innovativeness and knowledge transfer, rather than focusing on profit.

SmartCity Lab is an inclusive environment lab

SmartCity Lab is an inclusive environment driven by a bottom-up approach, initiated by institutions aligned with the ITS Polska Association. It stands out for its institutional and technological independence and welcomes diverse, competitive technologies. Join us as a partner in shaping the future of SmartCity Lab.

SmartCity Lab upholds the rights of creators lab

SmartCity Lab upholds the rights of creators and acknowledges their intellectual property. We do not assert any ownership rights over the intellectual assets generated through collaboration with the laboratory. We welcome collaboration, particularly from creators and startups seeking to leverage our unique development environment.

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SmartCity Lab stands as the inaugural technology laboratory in Poland, operating under a unique framework involving collaboration among the local government, academia, and business sectors. Every project undertaken within the laboratory, including the establishment, maintenance, and expansion efforts, is executed through partnerships across these three sectors.


SmartCity Lab serves as a technological sandbox comprising a central laboratory acting as both a testing and production environment, in collaboration with partner institutions, such as local governments overseeing networks of streets. Cooperation with the laboratory can occur both locally and remotely, facilitating diverse forms of engagement.

Let's Forge a Brighter Future Together

We offer comprehensive training programs in the realm of Smart City initiatives. Smart City technology goes beyond mere convenience; it aims to cultivate safer, cleaner, and more dynamic urban environments. Through the strategic application of technology, we can enhance quality of life, foster sustainable development, and construct cities that are genuinely prepared for the future.

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Join us in this urban revolution. Become part of the consortium of entities leading the way in harnessing the transformative potential of Smart City technology. Together, let’s redefine the future of urban life.