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First working parties of the ITS Architecture and Standardization Committee have commenced their activity

On 24 June 2014, another meeting of the Committee ¬– appointed by the Management Board of the ITS POLSKA Association – headed by Tomasz Kamiński, PhD (Motor Transport Institute) took place. Mission and long-term operative strategy for the newly-formed entity of the Association were discussed during the meeting at the Institute. Furthermore, managers and members of first working parties have been chosen.

The session lasted for a few hours and concluded with forming a coherent mission, consisting of creating market regulatory frameworks and a development strategy – also concerning operation of the ITS Cluster, which is in statu nascendi. The important point of the meeting was the discussion on identifying needs of self-government recipients of Intelligent Transportation Systems. This issue, due to its gravity, has been included in the Committee’s mission description. The operation framework was also unequivocally extended to cover adjustment of domestic ITS architecture standards and supervision of its execution as a part of current and future implementations, as well as legislative initiative and consulting works for expert groups.

It is also worth mentioning that the strategic, long-term nature of the Committee’s work was met with acclaim. It focuses on the substance instead of deadlines for current public proceedings, which is evidenced by the groups’ work regulations. The Committee has been formed as a non-profit support entity of the ITS POLSKA Association in order to focus on public works.

First working parties have been established in order to actively perform the following temporary tasks:
•    PR Group – responsible for creating and supervising committee operative frameworks and for promoting KASI activities;
•    TECH Group – responsible for defining operating areas, analysing needs and prioritizing tasks;
•    FIN Group – responsible for acquiring and selecting potential research projects for execution as a part of the ITS Cluster.

The groups are managed by, respectively, Piotr Bardadyn (Neurosoft) and Bartłomiej Brzozowski (Kapsch). The group responsible for acquiring funds is looking for a manager with certified experience. List of group members is – and will remain – open and public.

Due to the open nature of the committee and in response to the request of all founding members, KASI invites all public, scientific and commercial entities to jointly agree upon standards and good industry practices. Applications are free from charges and processed by the ITS POLSKA Association secretariat. We are looking forward to cooperating with you.

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