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"Traffic Management Area System in Łódź"
21-22 April 2016, Łódź

More than 100 people (officials of government institutions, local government including municipal one, road administrators and representatives of the services sector, organizations, universities, research institutes and press) took part in a Seminar titled "Traffic Management Area System in Łódź", held on 21-22 April 2016 in the Novotel Łódź Centrum hotel, Łódź. The event was organized by the Intelligent Transport Systems Association ITS POLSKA along with the Administration of Roads and Transport in Łódź. The patronage over the Seminar was held by the President of the City of Łódź, Hanna Zdanowska. The Official Partner was Sprint and the Technical Partners were: AB Micro, Axis, Designers, R&G and the Road Engineering Institution in Bytom. The media patronage over the seminar was held by www.przeglad-its.pl, www.edroga.pl and www.transinfo.pl.

During the two-day Seminar, its participants could learn about such issues like: directions of the growth of Intelligent Transport Systems, the architecture and functionality of the ITS system in Łódź, priority for the public transport and integration with the tunnel traffic control system, along with the conclusions about the functioning of the ITS system in Łódź.

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The first day of the Seminar was split into three parts; each of them ending with a discussion and questions from the attendants to the speakers. The formal opening of the Seminar was done by Piotr Krukowski, the Member of ITS POLSKA Management Board. On behalf of the City Office of Łódź, the attendants were welcomed by the Vice-President of the City, Ireneusz Jabłoński. "I'm very happy to have you here in Łódź and tell you about our achievements and plans. We want to organize communication arteries in such a way that our city would be available to its citizens and transparent for visitors. Hence, we are creating a track transport backbone. We have a railroad ring intersected by tram lines. This should relieve our city from too much traffic and make our space friendlier to our citizens," said Vice-President Ireneusz Jabłoński at the Seminar.

The series of speeches delivered at the seminar was launched by Remigiusz Kozłowski and Jakub Jabłoński from the University of Łódź, who presented the directions of the evolution of Intelligent Transport Systems. Michał Sarnacki and Grzegorz Nita (Administration of Roads and Transport, Łódź) presented the main assumptions of the creation of the ITS System in Łódź related to its implementation, goals and efficiency, along with conclusions as to the functioning of the system in Łódź. Later, representatives of the main contractor of the Łódź system presented the architecture and construction of the ITS system in Łódź, along with the priority for the public transport and integration with the tunnel traffic control system.

The Seminar's partners, Designers, presented their eDIOM software which allows for road infrastructure management; AB-Micro used the example of the Łódź tunnel in order to present the monitoring and automatics system for road traffic control, while Axis Communications presented their technology and its application for municipal video supervision systems. The series of speeches was rounded off by papers of R&D and the Road Engineering Institution in Bytom –the Technical Partners of the Seminar, which concerned the devices and software for the ITS system in Łódź and ASR drivers in SPRINT-ITS-SCATS. The last part of the technical part of the Seminar was drawing prizes for participants. The prizes were funded by Sprint and Axis.

At the end of the first day of the Seminar, a speech was given by Piotr Krukowski, Member of ITS POLSKA Management Board, who thanked all the attendants for their coming and active participation in discussions; further, he congratulated the city for the implementation of the traffic management project. The first day of the Seminar was rounded off by a formal supper for all attendants, which took place at the Gęsi Puch restaurant.

The second day of the event was spent on visiting the Traffic Management Centre in Łódź and EC1. Representatives of Sprint and the Administration of Roads and Transport in Łódź showed Seminar participants around the Centre, presented the functioning of the system and answer all the questions of their guests.

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