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Summary of the seminar by ITS POLSKA and World Bank
The Future of Ticket Systems in Poland
14 June 2016, Warsaw

More than 40 people (organizers of public transport, mass transport enterprises and entities of government and local government administration responsible for the public transport in Poland) attended the seminar The Future of Ticket Systems in Poland which took place in 14 June 2016 in Warsaw. The event was held by the Intelligent Transport Systems Association ITS POLSKA and the World Bank. Technical partners were R&G PLUS and Trapeze Poland. The media patronage was granted by www.przeglad-its.pl.

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The seminar attendants could learn about the conclusions of the analysis made by the World Bank Team, along with a presentation of solutions in ticket systems currently available in the Polish market (with help of the ITS POLSKA Association) and international good practice in the area of developing interoperable ticket systems.

The topics of the meeting included the interoperability of Automatic Fare Collection systems – options for Poland, a review of ticket systems used in Poland, the assessment of the option to increase the interoperability of AFC systems in the public transport between various means of transport, carriers and operators, proposals of using new technologies to significantly foster integrated, interoperable ticket systems in means of mass transport, discussing recommendations prepared for Poland.

The seminar was divided into two parts. The formal opening of the seminar was done by Piotr Krukowski, the Member of ITS POLSKA Management Board. The round of speeches presented at the seminar was started by Radosław Czapski, the coordinator of transport and infrastructure projects at the World Bank, who discussed the research project Green Urban Transport Solutions, its goals, scope and achieved results. Further on, Michał Wolański, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Transport at the Warsaw School of Economics, discussed the issue of the tariff-ticket integration in Poland. He presented relevant international experience and recommendations for Poland. Moreover, the attendants could learn about the current products of ticket system companies in context of possible applications of their solutions in the Polish market. Ryszard Rojowski (R&G PLUS) presented E-ticket solutions in place in Poland. He presented directions of growth on the basis of implementation for the ZGK in Świebodzice, where passengers who get on buses pay by holding their cards close to readers. Such a payment transaction is registered in the central bus module and can be verified by ticket controllers at any time. In this solution, the traveller's payment card becomes his/her ticket at the same time. Trapeze Poland's Łukasz Stanisławski presented ComfoAccess®, a system of identification and charging of public transport passengers. ComfoAccess® brings an automatic validation of the ticket when getting on and off the bus (without the passenger's participation), automatic time and travel record – without the passenger's participation, with no need to buy tickets, just with a ComfoAccess card.

The last item of the seminar was discussing the recommendations prepared for Poland by the World Bank's team and the discussion and consultations with the participants.

The conclusions which come from the research project prepared by the World Bank's Team of Experts indicate that the improvement of public transport requires integrated solutions which go beyond individual cities and means of transport.
The change of status quo in Poland requires significant changes of legal regulations which aim to remove the barriers for the integration of public transport.

Source: www.przeglad-its.pl

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