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The Summary of the ITS POLAND Seminar
The Construction of the Integrated Traffic Management System in Olsztyn
29-30 September 2016, Olsztyn

The Intelligent Transport Systems Association ITS POLAND along with the Board for Municipal Roads, Greenery and Transport in Olsztyn would like to thank for attending  the seminar titled The Construction of the Integrated Traffic Management System in Olsztyn under the Supply and Installation of the ITS System Project, held on 29-30 September 2016 in Olsztyn. More than 100 people (officials from central and local authorities, including municipal authorities, road managers and representatives of the sector of services, organizations, schools, research institutions and press) attended the event. The President of the City of Olsztyn was a patron of this seminar. The partners were Sprint, ALE International, A-ster, Avista, Bosch, Mera Systemy, Neurosoft, R&G and Shadok. Please be advised that for officials from local governments, the participation is free of charge. The media patronage over the seminar was granted by Przegląd-ITS and edroga.pl.

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During the two-day seminar, its participants could find out about such issues like the architecture and operations of the traffic management system, its main subsystems and results achieved when the system was created while tram transport was re-introduced to Olsztyn after more than 50 years.

The first day was divided into three parts, each ending with a discussion during which the participants could ask the speakers their questions. The formal opening of the seminar was done by Piotr Krukowski, the Member of ITS POLAND Management Board. On behalf of the City Hall of Olsztyn, the attendants were welcomed by President of Olsztyn, Piotr Grzymowicz. "This system allows us to streamline communication with public transport, crucial to solve problems related to communication in general and commuting in particular," said President of Olsztyn, Piotr Grzymowicz.

The series of events presented during the first part of the seminar was launched by Jerzy Roman of the Board for Municipal Roads, Greenery and Transport in Olsztyn. "We have introduced the priority for mass communication and this must have hurt individual drivers.  At this moment it is still too early to say if the people of Olsztyn rushed to the mass communication after recent changes. However, I can say that the decrease in the number of passengers which took place in the last 3 years was halted and even reverted to an increase," said the Head of the Board for Municipal Roads, Greenery and Transport in Olsztyn.

In the next part, officials at Sprint, the main contractor of the system, presented its architecture and features, along with the systems and mobile apps for city management. Bogdan Skoneczny (the Board for Municipal Roads, Greenery and Transport in Olsztyn) presented an intelligent ticket sale system. Marcin Szwarc and Emil Zaborowski (the Board for Municipal Roads, Greenery and Transport) discussed the applications for ITS tools in municipal communication management and presented ITS in the Traffic Management Centre. Andrzej Karwowski (the City Hall of Olsztyn) discussed the integration of activities and systems with regard to the development of mass transport in Olsztyn. "There are local conditions which make it impossible for our citizens to fully appreciate this system. All the drivers choose the shortest path to drive among city districts. They choose even small streets in the very centre or downtown. As long as we fail to show the drivers that it is other routes which are the communications backbone and as long as the drivers do not start to acknowledge just that, then they will still drive from Urania to Kortowo through al. Piłsudskiego, next to the City Hall or even through the Old Town," said a City Hall official.

Avista's officials (a partner of the seminar) presented solutions in the area of sales processes automation, Mera Systemy presented automatic toll collection systems in the form of ticket machines installed in vehicles and stationary locations, Shadok presented visualisation systems in ITS, while Neurosoft presented the use of laser and video technologies in identifying the occupancy of parking spaces in the municipal infrastructure. The series of speeches was rounded off with presentations by R&G Plus, Bosch and ALE International – the Technical Partners of the seminar, which concerned R&G devices and software for the ITS system in Olsztyn, the most recent intelligent video camera technologies used in ITS, and advanced network infrastructure. At the end of the first day of the seminar, a lecture was given by the President of ITS POLAND, Piotr Krukowski, who thanked all the attendants for their coming and active participation in discussions; further, he congratulated the city for the implementation of the management project.

Afterwards, the participants went to a trip in the Astronomical Planetarium and Observatory in Olsztyn. The first day of the seminar was rounded off by a formal supper for all attendants, which took place at the Casablanca restaurant.

During the second day of the conference, a tour at the Traffic Management Centre in Olsztyn took place. The employees of the Board for Municipal Roads, Greenery and Transport in Olsztyn walked the guests around the centre of Olsztyn, presented the system's features and answered all the questions.

Source: www.przeglad-its.pl

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