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Summary of ITS POLSKA seminar
"Intelligent Transport System in Rzeszów"
24-25th November 2016, Rzeszów

On 24-25th November 2016, at Prezydencki Hotel in Rzeszów, a seminar was held, entitled "Intelligent Transport System in Rzeszów." The event attracted over 110 participants (representatives of government bodies, self-governments, including municipalities, road administrators, and representatives of service sector, of organisations, universities, research centres, and press). The event was organised by Association of Intelligent Transportation Systems ITS POLSKA and the Municipality of the City of Rzeszów. The seminar was under the patronage of the President of the City of Rzeszów, Mr Tadeusz Ferenc. Main partners of the event were: Asseco Data Systems and Siemens; with Content Partners: Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, Pixel and R&G. The media patronage over the seminar was conducted by Internet portals www.przeglad-its.pl, www.edroga.pl and "Autostrady" magazine.

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Over the two days of the seminar, the participants had the opportunity to learn about implementation and use of RIST (Intelligent Transport System in Rzeszów) and of similar systems. At the same time, the Municipality of the City of Rzeszów presented ventures making up the "Rzeszów Transport Programme" (under which RIST was implemented), i.e. following projects: "Construction of a system to integrate public transport of the City of Rzeszów and its vicinity," "Extension of intelligent road transport system within the City of Rzeszów," and "Improvements in the functioning of public communication in the centre of Rzeszów by reducing transit traffic and introducing paid parking zones." Speakers at the seminar included numerous representatives of the City (including representatives of Rzeszów Town Hall, Rzeszów Municipal Road Authority, Rzeszów Municipal Transport Authority, Municipal Administration of Markets and Parking Lots) as well as selected contractors and subcontractors of the system.

The first day of the seminar was divided into four parts, each to be concluded with a discussion, in which participants could ask their questions to the speakers. The official opening of the seminar was conducted by Piotr Krukowski, Member of the Management Board of ITS POLSKA. On behalf of Rzeszów Town Hall, Deputy President of Rzeszów, Stanisław Sienko, greeted the participants. 'Rzeszów Transport Programme has cost over 5 million Polish zloty; the construction of the system entailed restructuring and expansion of the local communication system, purchase of new buses, as well as designing and implementing the Intelligent Transport System in Rzeszów,' said Deputy President of Rzeszów. The cycle of talks presented in the 1st part of the seminar was started by representatives of the City, who discussed Rzeszów Transport System and presented some details concerning the implementation of all elements of the system, in terms of progress of works, objectives and efficiency; they also presented conclusions on the functioning of the system in the city.

Later on, ‎Łukasz Borowski and Krzysztof Różański from Siemens presented possible ways to develop and integrate the systems; they also presented latest traffic detection systems in the context of benefiting traffic participants. The company R&G PLUS, the seminar's partner, presented solutions implemented in RIST system in Rzeszów; whereas Asseco Data System discussed the development of RIST in the scope of dynamic passenger information and monitoring of bus stops. Dariusz Wittkowicz from Pixel presented "CeSIP"— Central System of Passenger Information. The series of talks were closed with a presentation from Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Polska and Asseco Data Systems — content partners to the seminar — concerning the future of intelligent transport systems and Intelligent Paid Parking Zone in Rzeszów.

As part of the seminar, a discussion panel was held. It focused on sustainable city mobility in EU 2014-2020 perspective. Participants of the panel: Magdalena Jasińska from the Ministry of Development, Paweł Engel from the Centre for EU Transport Projects, and representatives from Polish Agency for Enterprise Development, Rzeszów University of Technology, and Warsaw University of Technology. The discussion's moderator was Paweł Potyrański from Rzeszów Town Hall.

At the end of the first day of the seminar, Piotr Krukowski — Member of the Management Board of ITS POLSKA — spoke and thanked all participants for coming and for their active part in discussions; he then congratulated the City on the traffic management project. The first day was closed with an official dinner for all participants, which was organised at LUKR restaurant.

The second day of the event consisted in a tour of the Centre for Zone Traffic Control, Centre for Public Transport Management, and Centre for Paid Parking Zone Administration. Representatives of the City showed participants around these city Centres; they also presented the functionality of the system and answered participants' questions.

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