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Summary of ITS POLSKA seminar
"Modern, Integrated Traffic Management System in Białystok"
12-13 January 2017, Białystok

Association of Intelligent Transportation Systems ITS POLSKA together with Białystok Town Hall would like to thank for the participation in the seminar entitled "Modern, Integrated Traffic Management System in Białystok," which was held on 12-13 January 2017 in Białystok. The event was under the patronage of the President of the City of Białystok. Main partner of the event was: Siemens; and content partners were: Bosch and Pixel. The media patronage was conducted by: www.przeglad-its.pl, www.edroga.pl and "Autostrady" magazine.

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In the two-day seminar, participants had an opportunity to see the general presentation of the city, road infrastructure, Intelligent Transport System (ITS) initiatives, Białystok ITS System, and how the employees of the Traffic Management Centre use the system. The objective of the seminar was to present the modern Road Management System used by the City of Białystok, its functionality and the way it works. The first day of the seminar was divided into three parts, each to be concluded with a discussion, in which participants could ask questions to the speakers. The opening of the seminar was conducted by Piotr Krukowski, Member of the Management Board of ITS POLSKA.

On behalf of Białystok Town Hall, Deputy President of Białystok, Adam Poliński, greeted the participants. The cycle of talks presented in the 1st part of the seminar was started by Bożena Zawadzka from Municipal Road Authority in Białystok, who discussed the scope and functionality of the system used in the city. Zbigniew Dziejma from Municipal Road Authority in Białystok discussed the effects of the introduction of ITS system in Białystok and the way it works; he also presented results of functional assessment of the system.

Further on, Robert Ziółkowski from the University of Technology in Białystok demonstrated how ITS technologies are used in the scope of more effective speed management and road safety. Then, Krzysztof Witoń and Łukasz Borowski from Siemens discussed the system of zone traffic control in Białystok and the future of the development of ITS systems in the scope of car-to-X communication and autonomous vehicles. Pixel, the seminar's partner, presented a system of central priorities within Białystok Municipal Communication; whereas Bosch presented the latest technologies applied in ITS systems. The series of talks was closed by a presentation by Piotr Krukowski from ITS POLSKA concerning the future of parking management systems, and by Krzysztof Modelewski of General Board of National Roads and Motorways, who discussed the issue of National Access Point as a tool to integrate stakeholders.

At the end of the first day of the seminar, Piotr Krukowski — Member of the Management Board of ITS POLSKA — spoke and thanked all participants for coming and for their active part in discussions; he then congratulated the City on the implementation of its traffic management project. Following the main part of the seminar, participants went on a sight-seeing guided tour around the city of Białystok. The first day was concluded with an official dinner for all participants at Kawelin restaurant.

The second day consisted in a tour around Białystok Traffic Control Centre. Representatives of the Municipal Road Authority showed participants around the Centre; they also presented the functionality of the system and answered participants' questions.

Source: www.przeglad-its.pl

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