Traffic Flow Camera – A Source of Traffic Data


The Traffic Flow camera utilizes video analysis algorithms to gather road traffic data. This type of camera is integrated into traffic management systems, enabling monitoring and direct influence on traffic light controllers at intersections. It offers a non-invasive alternative to the traditional induction loop, making it particularly advantageous for electric vehicles with composite or carbon fiber chassis. Moreover, the camera provides the benefit of visualizing road conditions in real-time.

Control Pro – Traffic management platform

Control Pro is a platform designed to manage ITS services and road maintenance services on the motorway, and expressway network. Control Pro uses easy-to-implement mechanisms to integrate existing ITS components and allows expansion with new devices. System software allows an integration of various detection, monitoring, and control subsystems, creating a multimodal traffic management platform.

The most commonly used subsystems managed by Control Pro include variable message signs, meteorological systems, CCTV cameras, CB‑radio and automatic number plate recognition cameras.

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